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Please carefully read the general terms of use of the web site By clicking « I confirm that I have read and agree to accept the general conditions» when setting up the account from the registration page, you formally agree that you have read, and are bound by, these terms.

If you disagree with the general terms of use, you should immediately stop using the site in any manner, as well as the services that it offers.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have understood the contents of these general terms. You are also responsible for enquiring about laws applicable in your country prior to registering, as some games of chance are legally prohibited or restricted by specific provisions in some places.

These general terms were last updated on 30 June 2020.

1.         Definitions and general clauses

1.1.      The general terms apply to the whole games of chance offer found on the site and compile all terms and conditions that define and govern the contractual relationship as it is defined below, and that the parties, as they are defined below, agree to perform.

1.2.      The « Licence » is the approval received from the Commission des Jeux de Hasard (« CJH »), authorising the online games of chance offer. For further information about the CJH, opinions, decisions and game control in the framework of Belgian laws, the CJH site can be viewed at the following address:

1.3.      The site is operated by S.A. TIERCE LADBROKE (« TLSA »), a company established under the laws of Belgian registered in the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0422.876.943 and whose registered address is at the following address : Chaussée de Wavre n° 1100/3, 1060 Brussels (Auderghem), Belgium (Phone: +32 2 349 16 11 ; E-mail : [email protected]; web site :

1.4.      The F1 class license (operation of gambling organisations), bearing n° FA 116584, was granted to the TLSA company by the CJH in 2020 ; the F1 class licence + (operation of gambling organisation through information society instruments), bearing n° FA + 116584, was granted to TLSA by the CJH in 2020.

1.5. is a trademark registered by TLSA and the name « » refers to TLSA.

1.6.      The on line casino games are offered and managed under the E license n°E252907 (sale, rental, leasing, distribution, delivery, import-export, production, maintenance services, repair and equipment of games of chance) granted by CJH to the « PROFESSIONAL GAMING SERVISES » company, with head office in 1300 Wavre, Avenue Lavoisier 29.

1.7.      The « Operator » shall mean TLSA for the online betting offer. This Operator uses the existing multiple product site of TLSA, and complies with applicable laws, has rights and duties arising therefrom regarding games within the scope of their licence.

1.8.      The « User » is an individual who is bound by contract to TLSA for the bets offered in the Sports Module.

1.9.    A « Player Account » is an account held by a single User for the sole purpose of completing transactions in connection with the on line games of chance.

1.10.    The « Required legal age » is the age that the User has to have to take part in the online games of chance. In Belgium, the Required Legal Age is 18 or more for online betting, and 21 or more for Virtuals.

1.11.    The « Contract » is the contractual relationship between the Operator and the User, governed by the terms of use such as set in article 1.16.

1.12.    The « Authorities » are the Belgian authorities.

1.13.    The « Site » is the web site, accessible at the Internet address

1.14.    A « Provider of Payment Solutions » is an intermediary acting as payment agent.

1.15.    A « Financial Institution » shall mean and bank and/or an institution whose business is governed by national laws applicable to financial or similar services.

1.16.    By opening a player Account, the User agrees to comply :

a.        With these general terms as well as all provisions that these general terms refer to ;

b.        With the « U.P.A.P. regulations » such as issued by the Union Professionnelle des Agences de Paris, in its provisions relating to the on line gambling offer: ;

c.        With the rules (« specific terms » or « terms and conditions » regarding special offers from the Operator

In the event of any discrepancy between such rules, the precedent order shall be the one mentioned in the above paragraph.

The Contract between the User and the Operator is also governed by :

a.        The « Confidentiality and data management policy » ;

b.        The « Player Protection Policy »: Responsible Gambling; and

c.        The « Security Policy ».

All rules listed in this article are jointly referred to as the « Terms of use ».

1.17.    The User is aware that he takes the chance of losing money when subscribing for the games of chance offer found on the Site and agrees that he shall be solely responsible for his possible losses.

 2.         Change in the Terms of Use

2.1.      The Operator reserves the right to change the Terms of Use unilaterally and without notice.

2.2.      The Operator shall make its best efforts to inform the User of any major change made to the Terms of Use.

2.3.     The User is responsible for carefully reading the amended Terms of Use, which may be freely viewed on the site, and for remaining informed about changes thereto. In the event of a disagreement, the User may promptly notify his refusal of being bound by the new Terms of Use and shall ask the Operator to close his account in accordance with article 14.2 of the Terms of Use.

2.4.      Any connection to the site by the User, after being informed of the changes made to the Terms of Use, shall constitute acceptance of such changes.

 3.         Access to the Site and use

3.1.      Access to the Site is allowed temporarily and the Operator reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or change any aspect or feature of the Site without prior notice. In addition, the Operator has the right to suspend the access to part or all of the Site, for maintenance reasons. The Operator shall not be held responsible for any unavailability of the Site, whatever the reason, time or period therefor or thereof.

3.2.      The Operator may at its option, change the offer and the contents of the games of chance offered on the Site, at any time (provided such changes have no impact on the current games and/or gambling).

3.3.      The User shall use the Site for personal and non-commercial reasons only. He may not give access to the Site or reproduce it in full or in part, in any form, without the Operators consent, including by setting up links to the Site.

3.4.      The User is not allowed to use the Site for slanderous, abusive, obscene, illegal, racist, sexist, discriminating purposes or in a manner against public order and/or good moral standards.

3.5.      It is prohibited to wilfully introduce viruses, Trojan horses, logical bombes or other malevolent or technologically damaging equipment.

3.6.      The User is not allowed to access the Site fraudulently. The User shall not use, directly or indirectly, any automated site access request. In addition, the User shall not cancel, attempt to cancel or by-pass in any way any of the security measures set up by the Operator. The User agrees to use the site as well as all items related thereto and/or incorporated therein, such as hyperlinks, programmes, data bases, editorial contents, graphical symbol, etc., in accordance with the Terms of Use and for the purposes of Games offered by the Operator.

3.7.      The User is responsible for making all necessary arrangements to access the Site. The Operator shall not be held responsible for the consequences related to the User's choice of his Internet access provider.

3.8.      Any attempt by the User to use the prohibited assistance of a software programme with artificial intelligence during his participation in the on line games shall result in the blocking of his account as well as temporary or final exclusion, with no claim possibility.

3.9.      The compatibility of the Site with the equipment or the software programmes used by the User is not guaranteed in any manner by the Operator.

3.10.    Should the User find any error of any kind, he is responsible for contacting the « Customer Department » of the Operator promptly.

 4.         Account opening

4.1.      The User certifies :

a)      That he is an individual ;

b)      That he is of the Required Legal Age and is legally allowed to play games of chance in the country where he is located ;

c)      That he may enter into legally binding contracts ;

d)      That he is not excluded himself from taking part in games of chance, that he is not entered in the EPIS system (database of excluded players managed by the Gaming Commission in Belgium) nor any other similar database, that he is not restricted from taking part therein, and that he has not been excluded by the Operator;

e)      That he is not restricted from opening an account and taking part in on line games of chance in his country;

f)       That he acts alone for his own account and not on behalf of someone lese and/or for the benefit of one or more third parties ;

g)      That any personal information he provides to the Operator in accordance with article 4.5 is true ;

h)      That the funds used to gamble on the Site do not come from illegal sources.

i)        That when he makes use of the games chance offered on our Site, he is either on Belgian territory, in a non-excluded jurisdiction or in a jurisdiction in which use of Belgian games of chance are not prohibited.

4.2.      The User also certifies that :

a)      He is not restricted from placing bets in pursuance of the terms of his employment contract and of rules issued by any association/federation he should otherwise comply with ;

b)      When the bet is placed on the outcome of a race, a competitive sports or any other event or process or the chance that an event will take place or not, he does not know the outcome of the said event ;

c)      He cannot influence in any way the event that he has placed a bet on. As part of our efforts against match fixing, the Operator reserves the right to not pay out the winnings of a User who bet on a match that one of his family and friends could have influenced. In that case, the stake will be refunded. Should there be any suspicion of match fixing, the Operator reserves the right to alert the relevant authorities.

4.3.      Should a declaration specified in articles 4.1 and 4.2 be untrue, the User's registration shall be denied. If the User was already registered, his Player Account will be closed, and the Operator shall not have to pay the gains that the User could have been entitled to. The Operator reserves additionally the right to inform the CJH, the police, or any other relevant public authority of the disputed situation.

4.4.      No User may hold more than one account on the Site. The Player Account is personal. The User shall not allow any third party to use it, not even free of charge. Should it come to light that the User has opened several accounts using the details of other parties; or by attempting to circumvent our security systems, the Operator reserves the right to close these duplicate accounts as well as the original, without refunding any deposits or paying out of any winnings.

4.5.      When opening a Player Account, a number of pieces of personal information should be provided (including but not limited to : full identity, age, place of residence, identification number in the National Register, occupation, valid electronic address) and the Operator reserves the right to ask for supporting documents for such information in order to adhere to Belgian law. Should the User not provide the requested documentation within a reasonable timeframe, the account will be closed without refunding any deposits nor paying out winnings.

4.6.      The information of the User is processed in accordance with the « Data confidentiality and processing policy » of the Operator. That policy shows the type of information that the Operator collects and the use that is made thereof.

4.7.      The Operator has the right to share the personal information it has, including the personal data and betting history, with regulation organisations, sports organisations or other organisations including the police, in the framework of an investigation into fraud, money laundering or sport integrity issues and to comply with its legal duties. Personal data can also be transferred, either pseudonymised or anonymised, to scientific institutions for scientific research purposes.

4.8.      The User formally acknowledges that the use of the Site is prohibited for people that are not of the Required Legal Age and that he will not help any person that is not of the Required Legal Age ask to open a Player Account and/or use a Player Account. Should this occur, the Account will be immediately closed without refunding any deposits nor paying out any winnings.

4.9.      Should it be found that the User is not of the Required Legal Age to take part in games of chance in the country where he is located, his bet will be refunded but the Operator shall not have to pay him the gains he could have claimed.

4.10.    If the age of the User cannot be confirmed with certainty, the Operator may prevent the User from withdrawing funds from his account and/or accessing some or all sections of the Site.

 5.         Regulated territories

5.1.      There are in some countries some legal restrictions regarding the opening of accounts and online games of chance placed by individuals based outside the Belgian territory. It is the User's responsibility to comply with laws relating to games of chance applicable in his country before registering with the Site.

5.2.      No gain shall be paid and no withdrawal shall be made if the User is located in a country where online games of chance are illegal.

5.3.      The availability of the Site is not an offer, solicitation or invitation by the Operator to use its services from a country where such activities are considered as illegal. The Operator shall not in any case, be held responsible for any breach of the laws of the country of the User in connection with the use of the Site.

5.4.         Should the Operator become aware of a connection made coming from a prohibited territory, the Account with be immediately frozen. The User can get in touch with [email protected] to reopen the Account, upon providing proof that he is back on Belgian territory or in a non-excluded jurisdiction.

 6.         Account management

6.1.     The User should make sure that all the information provided upon the opening of his account (including but not limited to, his address, telephone number and e-mail address) is accurate and up to date at all times. The User may at any time access the personal data of his account and change the same on the Site.

6.2.     The Operator reserves the right to suspend or close the Player Account if the information that the User provided upon the setting up of the Player Account, including the identifier and security issues, are found offensive or inappropriate.

6.3.     Should the User lose or forget his identifier and/or password, or should he fear that they have been passed to a third party, he should immediately contact  the Operator to be issued a new password. Such new data will be sent to him by electronic e-mail.

6.4.     The User shall be solely responsible for operations made from the Player Account. If a third party accesses the Player Account (with or without the User's authorisation), the User shall bear full responsibility for his actions and compensate the Operator for all costs, complaints and losses resulting from the use of or access to, the Player Account by the third party. The User will have to take appropriate security measures regarding the Account.

6.5.     The bet amount shall never exceed the amount available in the Player Account.

6.6.     The User understands that the funds deposited in the Player Account produce no interests and that the Operator is not a financial institution.

6.7.     Should a User manage to create multiple Player Accounts, despite the security systems in place, will not be paid any wins from his supplementary Player Accounts. Additionally, the Operator reserves the right to close the duplicate Player Accounts as well as the original. The Operator will not be expected to refund any stakes, nor pay out any winnings originating from these illicit Player Accounts.

 7.        Depositing funds and withdrawals

7.1.   The documents needed by the Operator to approve withdrawals are the following: an identification document issued by a competent public authority (ID card or Passport) with a photo, as well as proof of residence or stay in Belgium or a non-excluded jurisdiction (e.g. a telephone bill or a utility bill which is no more than 2 months old.), if you do not have Belgian nationality. If this documentation is not provided, no withdrawal will be possible. In case of doubt concerning the identity of the User, the Operator reserves the right to ask for all other information or document that are deemed necessary to validate the withdrawal.

7.2.  The Operator reserves the right to change, at any time, the available payment methods to fund the Player Account.

7.3.      Whatever the payment method used, no cost will be charged by the Operator to the User when funding his Player Account. It is the User's responsibility to check whether costs will be charged to him by the Financial Institution or the Payment Solution Provider that he uses. Only those payment methods allowed under Belgian legislation are available on the Site.

7.4.      No cost shall be charged by the Operator to the User withdrawing his gains by bank transfer to a Belgian account. In order to comply with Belgian legislation, the Operator does not accept withdrawals made to international bank accounts.

7.5.      The Player Account shall not be used as banking services and deposits made shall not be used other than for subscribing for the games of chance offer made on the Site. At the sole discretion of the Operator, should the slightest abuse be suspected (for instance in the event a deposited amount has not been used at an adequate level of game and the User then makes a withdrawal request in connection with the deposited amount), the Operator reserves the right to cancel the respective deposits in full or in part, to refund the deposited amount, to deduct any cost that could have been sustained in connection with the transaction and to close the Player Account for an indefinite period of time. In addition, in accordance with the rules intended to prevent money laundering, a report may be sent to the Authorities.

7.6.      The Operator reserve the right, at his sole discretion and without having to justify itself, to refuse a deposit or withdrawal method submitted to it, even if it was accepted before in the case of the User or of other customers.

7.7.      The credit transfer cannot be completed unless a valid photocopy of the ID card and a copy of the IBAN have been sent to the Operator and validated by it. The Operator reserves the right to ask for any other information or document found necessary for validating the gain withdrawal.

7.8.      To comply with the Royal Decree of the 25th of October 2018 relative to the operational procedures involved in offering games of chance and bets online, deposits are limited to a €500 maximum as of the 1st of June 2019.

Any User who wishes to have that limit lower than €500 can do so by lowering his deposit limit in his Player Account.

Any User that wishes to increase their deposit limit will be able to do this by making the necessary changes in his Player Account. The Operator will communicate this wish to the Gaming Commission which will respond within 3 days. If the Gaming Commission refuses the increase of deposit limit, the Operator will not be able to grant the User’s request.

7.9.      Any possible refunds caused by violating the Terms and Conditions or after an Account closure, will only happen after the identity of the person involved has been verified and proof that the bank account, Paypal account or other methods of withdrawal belongs to said person. Bank transfers will only be made to Belgian accounts.

8.         Payment of gains

8.1.     The yields generated by the bets placed on online games of chance shall be added to the Player Account balance after the bet has been won. That amount shall remain on the Player Account unless the User asks for a withdrawal. If the balance of the Player Account is down to zero, the User shall transfer funds before being able to place a new bet.

8.2.     The User is responsible for declaring his gains and losses if required by the laws of his country.

8.3.     Unless legally specified otherwise, the Operator shall pay the User's gains net of taxes into the Player Account.

 9.         Bets

9.1.      Placing a bet is up to the User's personal appreciation. When placing a bet, the User declares that he has not been influenced by the Operator on the purpose of the bet.

9.2.      At its sole discretion, the Operator reserves the right to refuse all or part of a bet or limit the stakes of a User without having to justify the reason therefor.

9.3.      After the User has placed his bet and received confirmation that the latter has been accepted, he cannot cancel it.

9.4.      The Operator reserves the right to modify any and all errors in odds or bet offerings, to cancel incorrect bets and to cancel late bets even if they are accepted by our system. The Operator will refund the stakes linked to these bets back to the User.

9.5.      It is the User's responsibility to make sure that the data of all his transactions are correct. He may view all bets placed on the Site in the « Account history » section.

 10.       Maximum payment

The maximum total daily payment amount for each bet placed on the Site is mentioned in the UPAP-rules:

 11.       Temporary closure of Player Account and self-exclusion

11.1.       The Operator offers a temporary closure option or a self -exclusion option if the User has the feeling he can no longer control his game and needs help to stop.

11.2.       By choosing the option “temporary closure” in his Player Account ( tab “Responsible Gaming”), the Operator will prevent access to the Player Account during the period that the User has set.

11.3.       By choosing the option “self exclusion” in his Player Account ( tab “Responsible Gaming”), the Operator will prevent access to the Player Account during the period that the User has set, with a minimum of 6 months. A self-excluded Player Account cannot be reactivated before the end of the self-exclusion period. At the end of that period, the User may ask the « Customer Department » to reactivate his player account in full.

11.4.       Self-exclusion is a joint undertaking by the Operator and the User. During the exclusion period, the User may not attempt to reopen his account or set up a new one by any means, including via third party identity.

11.5.       The Operator shall not be held responsible for the fact that the User is no longer able to bet on the Site due to his self-exclusion.

12.       Account adjustment

12.1.    If the Operator pays into the Player Account an amount exceeding the amount that the User is entitled to, (for example after an error in the game or a modification of the odds) the Operator has the right to change the balance of the Player Account. If the User has in the interim, already withdrawn the funds from the Player Account, he shall return the unduly collected amounts on request. Should the User refuse to return the amount owed, the Operator reserves the right to recoup the sum from his following deposit.

12.2.    In the event of an error, the Operator has the right to change the Player Account so it displays correct information (example: error in the coding of the result of an event).

12.3.    As far as possible, the Operator tries to avoid any error in the framework of the betting offer he offers. However, if, due to human error or to a technical problem, a bet is accepted at a price that is :

a.      Significantly different from market prices at the time of the betting ; or

b.      Clearly incorrect considering the likelihood of the event at the time of the bet,

Only the amount corresponding to the correct price shall be paid to the User.

12.3.    In order to establish the proper rating, the Operator shall take into account the ratings available in the general market at the time of the bet. That article is likely to rely on the following cases (these are examples and the list is not complete in any way) :

a.      The indicated ratio is 6, whereas the general market rating is 1.60 ; or

b.      The ratios of the bet handicap have been reversed.

c.      The rating is incorrect after match fixing (or suspicions of match fixing) has been found.

13.       Closing of a Player Account

13.1.    The Operator reserves the right, at its full discretion, to close a Player Account at any time, including :

a.        If the provisions of the Terms of Use are not complied with ;

b.        When the User has committed fraud (e.g. identity fraud to create one or more accounts whilst getting around the mandatory checks at registration, the creation of multiple accounts to take advantage of special offers, collusion, the use of a VPN to get around territorial restrictions, etc…), is suspected of conducting illegal activities or hacking actions or if the User has tried to use the Site in an illegal manner ;

c.        When the User has made a fraudulent payment including but not limited to, the use of a stolen credit card or a money-laundering operation.

d.        In cases of repeated abuse of errors and flaws in our systems(e.g. late bets (specifically bets that were placed after the result was known but not yet shown on the website), incorrect odds, etc…)

13.2.    The User may close his Player Account at any time. He should advise the Operator of his wish to close his Player Account by e-mail, fax or mail (information in the « Contact us » section of the Site). In that case, any remaining balance on the Player Account shall be refunded. To comply with Belgian legislation, any deposits that haven’t had 100% of their wagering done will not be eligible to be refunded. If a bet is pending, due to the outcome of the event it is linked to not being known yet, but ends up being in favour of the User, the respective amount shall be paid after the bet is completed.

13.3.    If the User does not use his Player Account to take part in the games of chance offered by the Site for a period of 12 consecutive months, the said Account shall be deactivated, without prior notice (« Inactive Account »).

13.4.    The Operator reserves the right to close any Inactive Account whose balance is down to zero for a period of 6 consecutive months.

13.5.    Should the User, whose account has been deactivated, not contact the Operator in the 9 months following the closure to ask for his money back, the Account will be closed and any outstanding balance will be definitively taken by the Operator.

13.6.    The Operator shall not be responsible for the consequences of the closing of the Player Account and the end of the activities of the User on the Site.

13.7.    After the Player Account has been closed, the User agrees that his rights to use the Site are immediately revoked.

 14.       No guarantees

14.1.    The Operator applies all its skills to continuously optimise the Site. All implied guaranties or conditions of quality, fitness for use, relevance or completeness are excluded herefrom within the limits authorised by the law.

14.2.    The Operator does not guarantee that the Site :

a.        Will meet the User's requirements,

b.        Will not sustain any interruption ;

c.        Will be appropriate, protected or error-free at all times.

14.3.    The Operator does not guarantee that defects, if any, will be corrected or that the Site or the server making the Site available are free from any virus or bugs.

 15.       Intellectual property rights

15.1.    The Operator enjoys protection of all its intellectual creations coming from the, and found on, the Site. Such protection applies to anything found on the Site, i.e. the data (or Data) such as contents, data, hyperlinks, quotes, slogans, entries, databanks, graphs, statistics, pictures, images, portraits, illustrations, drawings, logos, figurative trademarks, verbal brands, sounds, films, animation series, reproductions, ideas, concepts, patents, etc. The Operator manages the rights relating to the data. All the data is the property of the Operator, unless the latter formally waives the same. The Operator is allowed to change (or have changed) or deleted unilaterally the data at any time. Such an action is not a fault and creates no precedent. For the change, deletion or use of the data, the Operator may conduct a « case by case » assessment. The User has only a strict use licence considering the data (Data) in the framework of the normal use of the web Site internet. The User should not copy, distribute, adapt, transform, translate, etc. the data, for other purposes, without the formal authorisation of the Operator and as needed, the initial holder of the intellectual property rights. He should also refrain from placing a hyperlink referring to the Site or a ‘deep link' (framing of a web site in another web site) without the prior and written authorisation of the Operator. The User shall hold harmless and compensate the Operator for any infringement of the latter's rights or that of third parties (for instance, copyright, neighbouring rights, rights related to data banks, patent rights, the rights of the shown individual to prohibit the circulation of his image …) that he may commit or inspire as needed.

15.2.    Any assumed attempt aimed at unlawfully changing, damaging, abusively using or destroying the Site, the network, the data banks, the data, the software and/or the equipment, may lead to a complaint to the relevant authorities and in court (police, prosecutor…) and filing of civil action by the Operator.

 16.       Links of the Site

16.1.    If the Site contains links to other sites or resources offered by third parties, such links shall be displayed for informational purposes. The Operator shall not be responsible in any manner for the contents of such sites or resources and hereby declines any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of such sites. The Operator is not responsible for the information that such sites or resources may retain about the User .

16.2.    The existence of a link on the Site does not constitute any approval of the use of that link, of the company or of the organisation that managers the site that the link refers to nor of the contents behind the link.

 17.       Download of contents to the Site

17.1.    Some of the games of chance available on the Site allow the User to use his own content (« User Content »). The User remains the owner of his User Content and acknowledges that he is solely responsible therefore. The Operator does not approve any User Content, and therefore formally declines any responsibility related to User Content.

17.2.    The User represents and states that the User Content:

a.            Is an original work that he has created or for which he has secured the owner's consent;

b.            Does not infringe any intellectual property right nor any confidentiality rights of a third party, wherever he may be;

c.            Contains no information or declaration that is disparaging, offensive, indecent, inappropriate or slanderous;

d.            Contains no virus, Trojan horse, nor malevolent code able to deactivate, affect, damage or disturb the Site or the software, data or material that the Operator is the owner of or that it operate; and

e.            Complies with all applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to, data protection laws and confidentiality laws.

17.3.    The Operator reserve the right (which is not a duty) to decide whether the User Content meets the terms of use and to close the User Account and/or to prohibit the User Content on the Site, at any time and without prior notice.

 18.       Information system breakdowns

18.1.    The Operator is not responsible should a bet, for any reason, not be placed (including but not limited to : site disconnection, computer problems or communication service failure or internet connection problems). The balance of the Player Account shall be the one entered in the server of the Operator, at any time.

18.2.    The balance displayed on the server when the User connects back to the Site, after disconnecting, will take into account the results of the last bet placed before the disconnection provided it has been properly validated prior to the disconnection and the outcome of the event is known.

 19.       Non-compliance with use conditions

19.1.   The User agrees on request, to compensate the Operator for any loss, expense, damage, claim, responsibilities and costs, including legal costs arising from any failure by the User to comply with the use terms.

19.2.    Non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions could cause the temporary or definitive closure of the Player Account. The Operator reserves the right to decide the consequences of each case.

20.       Liability limitation

20.1.    The User agrees that the use of the Site is at his own risks. The Operator shall not be responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to, any missed gain or loss of chance) that the User or a third party sustained in connection with the use of the Site or of the contents it refers to.

20.2.    The Operator is not responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to, any missed gain or loss of chance) that the User or a third party sustained in connection with any loss of content or material downloaded or transmitted through the Site.

20.3.    The Operator is not responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to, any missed gain or loss of chance) that the User or a third party sustained in connection with a change in, suspension or interruption of, the Site, or in connection with any disorder in the Internet network affecting the operation and/or process of one or more games of chance offered on the Site, any failure of the reception equipment or of communication lines, or any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind, that prevented or limited the User's participation in one of the games of chance offered on the Site (incomplete list).

20.4.    The Operator is not responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to, any missed gain or loss of chance) that the User or a third party sustained in connection with any malevolent use of the Site or its contents by any person.

20.5.    The Operator is not responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to, any missed gain or loss of chance) that the User or a third party sustained in connection with any breach of the Terms of use for raisons beyond the reasonable control of the Operator, including force majeure events (i.e. any circumstance or situation that a person may not reasonably control, resulting in a delay or failure of performance, and including but not limited to fire, lightning, war, floods, strikes, sabotage, bad weather or Authorities' actions), specific Internet network problems, information system failures, telecommunication equipment and network failures, electrical power outages.

 21.       Fraud

21.1.    The Operator reserves the right to initiate proceedings against the User if he takes part in dishonest, fraudulent or illegal activity, in money laundering operations, and to provide such information to the Authorities. The Operator reserves the right not to complete the payment if the User is suspected of  taking part in such activity.

21.2.    The User agrees to compensate, on request, any cost, charges or losses that the Operator sustains or will sustain (including any direct or indirect loss, losses of profit and bad reputation) directly or indirectly resulting from the User's participation in fraudulent, dishonest or illegal activity.

 22.       Conflicts

22.1.    For any claim relating to the games or gain payments , the User should get in touch with the « Customer Department ».

22.2.    If the User is dissatisfied with the response to his request or complaint, he has the right to go to the CJH, mentioning at least his name, first name and date of birth, either by e-mail sent to [email protected] , or by mail to the following address: 1000 Brussels, Cantersteen, 47.

 23.       Refusal of payment and liability compensation

23.1.      The Operator reserves the right, without any notice, not to complete the payment and declare invalid bets on an event, should it have evidence of the following :

a.      The integrity of the event has been questioned ;

b.      the prices have been rigged ;

c.      the match has been rigged ;

d.      the User was not of the Required Legal Age when the bet was placed ;

e.      the laws of the country of the User prohibited access to on line games of chance at the time of the betting ;

f.        the User did not comply with article 4.2 of these Terms of Use ;

g.      the Operator could not check the identity or address of the User.

h.      the Operator established abuse or any kind of fraud by the User

23.2.      Should the User owe money to the Operator for any reason, the latter has the right to offset that amount with the amounts available in the Player Account.

24.       Non-validity of the Terms of Use

24.1.    Should one or more of the provisions of the Terms of Use be found invalid or unenforceable for any reason, they shall be changed as far as necessary for making them enforceable.

24.2.   Should one or more of the provisions of these Terms of Use be declared null and void, the other clauses shall remain in full force and effect.

 25.       Waiver

No failure or delay by the Operator in the exercising of its rights under these Terms of Use shall be considered as a waiver of tis rights. In the same way, the single or partial exercising of a right shall not prevent the future exercising of such rights or of any other right.

 26.       Transfer of rights

26.1.    The User shall not grant, transfer, alienate his rights and/or duties in pursuance of the Terms of use without the Operator's prior and written consent.

26.2.    The Operator may grant, transfer or alienate his rights under these Terms of use, to any other legal entity, in any country, without first securing the User's authorisation and subject to the CJH's supervision.

 27.       Applicable law and jurisdictional clause

27.1.    The Operator uses User personal data in accordance with its privacy policy which can be found at the following link: The Operator reserves the right to modify the privacy policy at any moment.

27.2.    The Operator reserves the right to request that the User provides all complimentary information that isn’t specifically mentioned in the privacy policy. The User will be informed of the reasons that this information is required.

27.3.    The Operator reserves the right, in certain circumstances, to provide certain details to the relevant authorities should the law, the state or a regulatory body require it. Notwithstanding the dispositions in the privacy policy, this right to provide personal data to the authorities, or those organisations whose aim is to investigate cases of money-laundering, fraud and any other criminal activity, will be exercised to the extent that is required by law.

28.          Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

28.1.       The execution, performance and interpretation or any other question relating to these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Belgium.

28.2.       The courts of Brussels have jurisdiction but the Operator reserves the right to summon the User before the courts of the User's country.

29.          Language Clause

Should there be any conflict between the French, Dutch and English versions, the French version will be priority of interpretation.